The Launch - Not a Case Study

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Flow Sports Performance formerly Bellingham Performance Lab has been in development for years and is the exciting culmination of my work. With the launch of this new service, we are offering to athletes a very unique way to optimize the body for success. The athletes we have worked with in this setting have all seen what could only be viewed as huge gains in their performance: physically and mentally. These gains, of course, have allowed them to pursue their goals and dreams to the absolute best of their ability.

After working with athletes over the years and seeing the patterns in those who are at the top versus those who are trying to get there, my pursuit became getting bodies to look like those who are considered the best. There is a very distinct difference in how bodies of those at the top respond to motion versus that of those...well...the rest of us. The findings are consistent in the bodies: less than ideal muscle recruitment and delay in the firing of a muscle group both resulting in less agility and power, poorer reaction time, coordination, confidence, etc. all that go into a great performance.

These faults are what I have been pursuing for years not only to correct but to correct permanently. With the achievement of this, I present to you the Flow Sports Performance, a game changing way of improving and looking at the way your body functions for your athletic pursuit.


Dr. Steve Noble

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