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"Overall the Experience was Next Level; Absolutely Incredible"

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Professional mountain bike XC racer Payson Partridge recently completed 7 weeks with Flow Sports Performance (FSP). Days after his follow-up Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test, I asked Payson what was the most exciting change he experienced as a result of our work together, and he sent me this text:

"I'd say the most exciting change has been the feelings of more confidence, body awareness, improved focus, and the ability to raise my training (and life in general) to the next level. Also, experiencing time slow down and have the capability to analyze and execute a specific action has been amazing."

For anyone working with athletes, this was dream feedback. We worked together for an hour each week for 7 weeks, and his results are nothing short of incredible.

The Numbers

We tracked changes to Payson’s power output using the FTP test as well as various other tests I’ve shared on Instagram. The follow-up FTP netted a 7.9% gain. To reiterate, this was in less than 2 months. Professionals his age (23 y.o.) typically only gain 1-2% per year until around age 30. The crazy part of his final test, however, was that he started out slow and managed his greatest power output in the final minute of the 20-minute test. When done at full effort, an athlete should have very little left in the tank for that last minute. Payson explained that he simply did not expect to experience such a big change and was repeatedly surprised by how good his legs felt 5, 10, and 15 minutes into the test. Given that he held back, it’s safe to say that Payson’s final FTP is likely a bit higher.

The Experience

Obviously we’re excited about the numbers and achieving that 7.9% gain, but what seems to stand out is the change in confidence. Confidence is the first thing Payson mentioned when I asked what was most exciting about his experience with FSP, and he’s not the first to say that. Athletes regularly report feeling more confident after working with us. Why? How does that happen? Although we can’t measure confidence, we reason that it comes from the feeling of having better control of the body. The athlete (Payson in this example) is able to recruit his muscles more fully and quickly, so he moves more efficiently. Time seems to slow down and body awareness and confidence seems to increase as a result. Awesome!

In the following video I asked Payson the same question: what was the most exciting change you saw after 7 weeks at FSP?

I later asked Payson in a text the following 2 questions: "How was the experience here at FSP? Have you ever experienced anything like it before?" He sent me another awesome response:

"Overall the experience was next level; absolutely incredible. The work itself and progress made far exceeded all my expectations, and I've definitely never experienced anything remotely close before. Not only did it enhance my athletic abilities; physically, technically, and mentally...but it improved everyday life as well. Just having the confidence in myself and my abilities is a game changer, no matter what I am doing."

We’re convinced that what we deliver at Flow Sports Performance is just that: next level.

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Steve Noble

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