I like sports. I love the performance. It's this love for the performance that led me to see the body, perhaps, different from most. Years ago after about 5 years or so in practice I had an NFL punter/kicker come through my door. As I went through my testing on him I was shocked by how fast his kicking leg responded. It was immediate with no delay and full muscle recruitment. No previous patient had that type of muscle response to my tests. All had some form of delay and less than optimal muscle recruitment. But this was no oridinary athlete; he was arguably the best in the NFL at that time. The next question for me was "what if I could make any person's body respond like his did?" 

As the years past on and many books digested I honed in on that same muscle response with the everyday athlete. As I dove further into concepts of quantum mechanics and "thoughts having an effect on matter" I was seeing athletic performance change dramatically. My athletic population were predictably setting PRs, winning events and recovering faster than ever.


Just over 3 years ago, I started collecting data in the form of power numbers, before and after video of various challenges to further verify the changes I believed my athletic population was experiencing: marked improvement to power, speed and agility, and Strava data when available. All were confirming what I believed was happening: significant and profound improvements to athletic performance well beyond what they previous thought was possible for them. 


Thank you,

Dr. Steve Noble